Victory for home sharing in Texas San Antonio approves a new ordinance

This past week ushered in major momentum for Texan homeowners, as San Antonio approved a new ordinance that recognized and empowered the home sharing community in the nation’s 7th most populous city.

San Antonio’s landmark achievement reflected the end result of nearly two years of good faith dialogue, hard work and compromise. From the beginning, Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the City Council granted local hosts a seat at the table to ensure that their perspective was firmly embedded into the city’s home sharing policies.

As a result, the new law:

  • Allows home sharing and short-term rentals in all neighborhoods throughout the city
  • Permits hosts to share their homes throughout the year
  • Implements a simple registration system for hosts to convey their names and addresses to the city

Airbnb and our hosts joined local neighborhood groups in offering full support for this new law. During the final City Council debate, Mayor Nirenberg conveyed his hope that San Antonio’s ordinance would serve as a model for cities across the Lone Star State — and we agree. While each city should pursue unique laws tailored to their local needs, emulating San Antonio’s inclusive and partnership-driven process is bound to yield positive results.

With San Antonio’s host community having received the fair regulatory certainty they’ve wanted, they can now focus on helping to build the Alamo City’s brand as a hub for family-friendly tourism. And with San Antonio hotels experiencing growth in revenue, occupancy and prices in parallel to home sharing growth, it appears that Airbnb hosts are opening up the city to significant new tourism and the revenue that comes with it.


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