Virginia is for Lovers…and Home Sharers!

Yesterday, thanks to the leadership of Virginia lawmakers, the state is poised to become the latest to embrace innovation and ensure that middle class families can continue sharing their homes and contributing to their communities.

Following the passage of a similar piece of legislation in the Virginia House of Delegates earlier this month, the Virginia State Senate passed a piece of comprehensive legislation that will both recognize and regulate home sharing in the Old Dominion state. For our community in Virginia — where the typical host makes $4,300 sharing their space 33 nights annually — this is a huge victory.

In total, our host community sent more than 5,560 emails to members of the State Senate asking them to support home sharing.

When the bill makes its way to Gov. McAullife’s desk next month, as expected, Airbnb will work with state officials to begin collecting and remitting hotel taxes on behalf of our hosts and guests and contributing millions of dollars in new revenue to the state. Last year, more than 133,000 people visited Virginia through Airbnb, a 160 percent increase from 2014, spending millions of dollars at neighborhood businesses in every corner of the state.