Week for Good 2018: from Seville to Mallorca, Spanish hosts gather to support charitable causes

For three years now, hosts, guests and Airbnb employees around the world have come together to support local charitable projects during Week for Good. 2018 has been an exceptional year with more than 11,000 hours* devoted globally to support charity.

Spain has not been an exception, and 76 people in 4 cities volunteered to support these causes:

  • In Seville, during the Book Festival, hosts shared a creative writing workshop for homeless people at risk of exclusion (Solidarios para el Desarrollo).
  • In Madrid, hosts served dinners to 150 homeless people (Plaza Solidaria).
  • In Mallorca, hosts removed 3,000 plastic objects from a beach (Ondine).
  • In Barcelona, hosts served dinners to 250 homeless people (Amasdes) and shared an evening with elderly people who are lonely or at risk of exclusion (Amics de la Gent Gran).

*According to Airbnb’s internal data.

Week for Good 2018 in Spain

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