“Welcome to France”: The launch of Airbnb’s first French collaborative assembly


Who better than the Airbnb community to shape the future of the platform? With “Welcome to France”, we are happy to give the floor to guests and travelers to help us imagine what Airbnb will look like tomorrow. Users and members of the board will be able to contribute to the evolution of Airbnb through their unique vision and experience of the community as hosts and travelers.

To inaugurate the assembly, forty members of the board met at the Nid Airbnb, in Paris. They were welcomed by Emmanuel Marill, Managing Director of Airbnb France, and the Airbnb team.

The collaborative assembly is composed of forty members, including:

  • 24 private hosts
  • 6 professional hosts
  • 10 guests

Coming from 13 French regions, they have been selected for their particular knowledge of Airbnb and the unique experience they bring to their travelers.

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Hosts and travelers were able to discuss the various issues that are close to their hearts during presentations and workshops. Among these, the intervention of Sophie Lacour, member of the digital council of Atout France, followed by the workshop of the Entr’Hôtes collective which detailed the importance of host clubs.

Make their voices heard

For each Airbnb ambassador, it is essential to gather the point of view of other members of the community and to discuss common issues. The idea is to create a strong group that will allow the different actors in the community to make their voices heard.

For Virginie, host in Dijon, the stakes of Welcome to France are numerous:

“I hope to be able to exchange more and more with French hosts but also with Airbnb to develop original ideas on the site and propose new concepts. I would also like to be able to defend the interests of guests and travelers vis-à-vis political decision-makers.”

For Florent, a traveler from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the new collaborative assembly is a way of preserving and maintaining Airbnb’s spirit of sharing:

“I expect from Welcome to France to be able to exchange, to discuss, to give opinions, to understand,  and to ask questions. I simply want to be an actor in this new collaborative tourism.”

France, the world’s second largest Airbnb community

Within the Airbnb community, each member is unique. Brian Chesky, CEO and head of the Airbnb community, is convinced that Welcome to France will reflect the richness of France’s regions. He congratulated the members of this unique project in the world.

From now on, the members of Welcome to France will meet three times a year to co-construct the future of Airbnb. Next meeting: June 30th.

The objective: to improve the services offered by the platform, but above all to create the conditions for sustainable and responsible growth for Airbnb in France. Each member must be able to be heard and share their experience within the community, so that Airbnb remains a platform for everyone.


Discover all the pictures of the event

Discover all the pictures of the event

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