What San Francisco means to us

Much has been written about the recent boom of technology companies in San Francisco and what it means for the city. We wanted to take this moment to recognize what this city means to us.

Our company was founded at Rausch and Folsom. Our headquarters have always been and will always be in San Francisco. And the growth of our company and community—which has exceeded our wildest expectations—was only possible because we got started in a place that welcomes diversity and big ideas. This city welcomed us, and that’s why we designed our new office as a place to welcome San Franciscans from every corner of the city.

We recognize the amazing resources we have by being based in San Francisco, and we want to share them. In that spirit, we’ve opened our doors to local interns and mentees and welcomed guests for regular public events like neighborhood exploration projects. We have been proud to share our office, an old carbon battery factory that our landlords converted into a LEED Silver workspace, with long-time tenants in the Jewelry Mart. We have also used our purchasing power to support local artisans and businesses and were the first tech company to join the Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done in 2013 and years past, but our New Year’s resolution is to be better neighbors and hosts, so in the coming year:

  • Local residents and organizations will be able to use our office space for free during evenings and weekends by booking this classroom for community meetings and events.
  • We will expand our mentorship efforts and invite local students to learn from our employees and experts who teach classes in our office on a regular basis through Tech Talks, Design Talks and Skill Exchange programming.
  • Together with SPUR, we will co-host a monthly public forum on the impacts of technology and innovation in San Francisco.
  • Our growing library of books on urbanism, design, hospitality, sustainability, and computer engineering will be curated by former Editor in Chief of Dwell Magazine and New York Times columnist Allison Arieff, and will be accessible to the public on a weekly basis during Airbnb Library Open Hours.

We’re looking forward to hosting more San Franciscans in our home, but being a host is about more than just opening our doors: it’s about being active participants in the city that so graciously hosts us everyday. In February 2014, 800 Airbnb employees from around the world will volunteer alongside our community of hosts and guests in a company-wide day of service. And this will just be the beginning of our long-term commitment to this city.

Over 2014 and the coming years we plan to be the best neighbors we can possibly be—here in San Francisco and in every city our hosts call home.