Working together to support home sharing in Liguria

Across the world, we want to be good partners to cities and collaborate for clear and fair home sharing rules. We treat every city personally and want to work closely with communities to create policies that are right for them.

Today, we are celebrating good news from Italy, where Airbnb has signed an agreement with the Region of Liguria to promote responsible tourism and responsible home sharing rules and start collaborating with the authorities to make guidance clear and accessible for regular people.


The region has long supported the right of regular people to share their homes and has clear and simple home sharing rules, and we are pleased to continue being good partners in the region.

Under the new agreement, we will work together with the Region of Liguria to:

  • Educate hosts on home sharing rules – We want to be good partners to policy makers and help hosts understand local home sharing rules. We will work together to make the rules more accessible, easy to understand and will link to official guidance from the Region on our website.
  • Build an open and transparent community – We believe that policymakers should have the opportunity to know understand our community to make informed decisions about home sharing policies. To support this effort, we are committing to release aggregated data on the economic and social impacts of home sharing in the region.
  • Promote Liguria as a destination for tourism – Hosts are the region’s greatest ambassadors and showcase the best of their communities.  We will work with the region and Airbnb hosts to continue to highlight what the region has to offer to visitors and provide them with clear information on how to be a good guest in Liguria and enjoy life like a local.  

We are proud of the positive impacts of the Airbnb community in Liguria and are delighted to be working with policymakers on clear and simple rules to support them. The good news follows other positive partnerships in Italy, including with the City of Florence and the Rome Prefecture. We will continue to work with policymakers across Italy on progressive measures to support the Airbnb community and to help the world enjoy all of Italy like a local.

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