Working together to support responsible tourism in Piedmont

This week, we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Piedmont Region aimed at promoting tourism and supporting the best of the region.

Although registering a significant growth in the last 12 months, home sharing is still a relatively new concept in Piedmont, with 12,400 listings among the 300,000 available across Italy on the platform.

Over the last year, guest arrivals to the area increased by 60 percent compared to last year – up to 223,000. The Region attracts mostly travelers looking for unique experiences, as demonstrated by the success of listings such as the Casa sull’albero (“tree house”) in Monferrato that displays nearly 200 reviews, all featuring the highest rating. It’s one of the most popular Airbnb listings in the world.

12,400 listings in Piedmont

223,000 guest arrivals

+60% guest arrivals increase

Piedmont Region joins the over 300 governments across the world that have worked with us on clear home sharing rules – showing the value new forms of tourism can bring to cities.

“Tourist rentals registered a strong growth in our territory, increasingly affecting – mostly foreign – tourist flows. This agreement aims to develop a successful collaboration with the most important company representing this sector, in order to give value to Piedmont destinations, to launch studies on the economic impact of home sharing that will enable us to gain a comprehensive perspective on tourism in Piedmont and to study solutions for new, simplified home sharing rules.”

Councillor for Culture and Tourism, Antonella Parigi

Under the new agreement, we will work together with the region to:  

  • promote responsible home sharing to our community
  • share a community overview and the economic impact our community brings to the region
  • simplify home sharing rules for Piedmont’s hosts
  • a specific collaboration between Airbnb and Marketing Piedmont – DMO Piedmont, the company that manages strategic marketing projects on behalf of the Region, in order to create initiatives with the host community that support the best of the region, such as food and wine, craftsmanship, and the arts and cultural heritage.

Thanks to this agreement, Airbnb and Piedmont’s hosts community will be able to strengthen their role as ambassadors of the region for international travelers looking for local travel experiences and unique places to stay.

The Airbnb community of Piedmont: hosts and guests

The average host in Piedmont earns 1,500 euros by sharing space in their home for an average of 20 nights per year.  

The majority of guests traveling to Piedmont have come from Europe (90%), the United States and Canada (5%). The majority are women (59%). The average duration of the stay is 3 days.

20 average number of nights shared per year

1.500 euro average host’s earning per year

59% women guests coming to Piedmont

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