World Cup Travel Tips

As the World Cup kicks off in Russia, Mexico is not only sending a great team onto the pitch — but also plenty of fans to help cheer them on. In fact, Mexico is sending the second largest number of fans of any country to the tournament.

If you’re heading out to Russia, it’s important to plan ahead to help ensure you’re prepared to have a great — and safe — experience at the World Cup. Below are a few simple travel tips to keep in mind as you head out:

Do Your Research: It’s always a good idea to research your travel plans in advance and check for any travel warnings or special requirements — particularly for a major event like this. Travelers from Mexico should check with the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores for important travel information, including how to sign up for El Sistema de Registro para Mexicanos en el Exterior (SIRME). There’s even a special guide for the 2018 World Cup, which details the documents you’ll need while in Russia and explains the various local laws and customs you need to be aware of.

Get to Know Your Host & Set Expectations: We recommend communicating with your Airbnb host through our secure on-platform messaging tool ahead of time to ensure you’re both on the same page before your stay. Be sure to ask about any house rules and use the opportunity to get helpful local recommendations, like the nearest grocery store or the best neighborhood restaurants, that might come in handy during your trip.

Check-In Time & Travel Plans: Review your travel plans and be sure to let your host know your expected arrival time. Airports, train stations, and roadways alike are going to be crowded and there are going to be a variety of restrictions in effect — so be sure to have a clear plan for how to get around safely.  Be sure to check the FIFA Fan Guide for more information, including the transport guide for each host city.

Do a Safety Check: Once you’ve arrived at your home, make sure you know where all of the relevant emergency equipment and safety information is located. If you’re not sure where something like the first aid kit, fire extinguisher, or smoke and carbon monoxide detector is, don’t hesitate to ask your host.

If Anything Isn’t Right, Reach Out: Should you need any assistance during your stay, be sure to reach out to your host or to our Customer Service and Trust and Safety teams. They are standing by 24/7 to assist you. If it’s an emergency, please call local authorities in Russia at 112 first before contacting us.It’s sure to be an exciting month of soccer, and no matter if you’re cheering on Team Mexico from the sidelines in Russia or here at home — we hope you have a great time. 

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